Why everyone is into Essential Oils & are they for me? {no-nonsense info}
Thursday, April 3, 2014 by {darlene}


Why everyone is into Essential Oils:

Why Everyone is into Essential Oils, and are they for me? A NO NONSENSE guide to answer your questions. via @fieldstonehill www.fieldstonehilldesign/young-living

So, here is a no-nonsense post about why everyone seems to be into Essential Oils, and whether or not this is a good thing… AND is it a thing for YOU, and your family:


1. They really do help your wellness

The number one reason people are into Young Living essential oils is that they truly do help your wellness and your life. Oils have been used for centuries to help people medicinally and emotionally, and if you purchase 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils {guaranteed by Young Living, since they oversee the bottling from Seed to Seal}, you can add the purity of God-made plant life to your wellness regimen.

No Nonsense: Essential Oil user are legally not able to claim healing.  These natural oils will help your wellness. Essential Oils work differently for everyone, because everyone’s body chemistry is different. Fortunately, they are powerful but all natural, and they are fun to experiment with.


2. They are an ALL NATURAL choice, first-line-of-defense option to help your family

These natural well-being choices that have been around for… well… ever. Why not try natural first – that only makes sense to me! At our home, I reach for my oils FIRST to address any wellness concerns, from daily wellness issues to cleaning our home in a healthy way to aromatherapy and mood solutions. THEN, if I can not find a natural solution, I will turn to other sources for help.

No Nonsense: Essential Oils are the perfect thing to turn to FIRST when you have a wellness concern, because all-natural should always be our first choice. I have found that they don’t replace all manmade solutions, but in our family’s experience, YL EO’s have met our needs without having to head for manmade solutions.


3. People are making lovely amounts of money from sharing their oils with others.

There, I said it. Not everyone is mentioning this out loud. Probably out of courtesy, because when you are “selling” something, it turns people off. We are all tired of being “sold to!” Yep, me too. But the truth of the matter is that, people who share Young Living’s amazingness with you also benefit monetarily. I never consider myself to be “selling” anything, because I truly just share how much I love the oils, and then teach YOU how to sign up!! Just as if I were to tell you where my fave restaurant is, and then the restaurant gave me a little affiliate thank-you for the referral.

But that truly does NOT take away from the awesomeness of these Essential Oils! Nor does it take away from their effectiveness. Nor does it take away from how A.MAZ.ING they smell.

I am telling you, there is something very very different about Young Living. And it starts and ends with the AWESOMENESS of the oils.

No Nonsense:

For those who buy the oils:  Let’s just start with the fact that this is not one of those You-need-to-buy-a-minimum kind of things. YL is simply a wholesale membership. That is all. With no obligation to buy. Ever. FINALLY. A company that gets it! I have RUN from memberships in the past because, simply put, they force you to buy amounts that you just don’t need. Why would anyone sign up for that?

And as for those who decide to share the oils with others:  Young Living is THE most generous company. Just for sharing their products with others, they offer you a generous commission. In fact, my commission is making a significant impact on my family. Just being completely transparent and honest here, for YOUR benefit! Here is a realistic, no-nonsense scenario for you: You can easily let your friends borrow your peppermint oil, they see how awesome it works – because – IT DOES!, they order it themselves – signing in using your number, and you make a commission from what they purchase – without any pressure or selling or what-not involved. There you have it. And when there is no pressure, everyone wins. And THAT is a huge reason why everyone is into Essential Oils.

Are YL Essential Oils for Me?

In my opinion, I cannot think of a single person who would not benefit from oils in one of these ways, if not all of them:

1. At the very, very least, they make your home smell awesome, like a spa.

2. They are an ALL NATURAL option for wellness support, so why not try them first before you try chemical laden options? {<- Tweet This}

3. They help you to #livewithbeauty, as they add to your wellness AND have amazing beauty, bath, body and skin care solutions/products.

4. They provide an amazing natural option for cleaning your home – that really does clean your home.

5. Lastly, in my experience, many of the oils do help and help wholly. While I cannot share testimonies here, I can say that I believe in these oils because I have seen with my own eyes what they can do!

 * * *

If you appreciate my no nonsense approach, and now you feel informed…

If I have satisfied your curiosity, and you now know that Young Living EO’s are right for you…

 I would be honored if you would sign up for YL Wholesale via my Sponsor Number 1413674! {P.S. There is no future purchase required! I always give GREAT freebies to those who sign up for a wholesale Premium Starter Kit with my number!}

Want to know even more? Click here.

Questions? Fire away!

For sign up {YAY!!}, please scroll to the bottom of this page here.






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  • I have a burning (and unusual) question!!! I’ve been tempted to use EO’s, especially the last while; I think the health benefits are easy to see and understand. However, there is one thing that always stops me (aside from the start-up price). That’s the fact that I used to work with several people who were really into EOs and, to make a long story short, whenever they walked by or were in near proximity to you, there was a very distinct odor present and everyone was aware of it. So that is always my impression of EO. I know you mention that your house smells wonderfully yet because of my experience I can’t help but wonder – is that the distinct EO smell or a genuine fresh, pleasant scent?! (Weird question – I know! Sorry! And goodness knows, my house has a bad smell, EO or not!!)So – please tell me, was this powerful smell a misuse, overuse or sad but true side effect?! Under normal circumstances, can other people easily smell the EOs people use on themselves? Thanks so much! And I have to add here that I absolutely love your blog, your talent, and your humble willingness to share that God-given talent with us all. I have learned so much from you!

    • Haha! I love it!!! So, here is MY answer… maybe not everyone in the EO world would say the same, but I promise you, I will tell it like I see it ;)

      Yes, EOs do have a fragrance – most of which are amazing. My house smells like a high-end spa!!! Still, some oils are more potent than others, like those with Patchouli for example. Even still, some have unusual fragrances that are odd to the average nose. {aside: I also had to wonder if the EO’s your friends used were 100% pure therapeutic grade… all the other mixed-in stuff makes oils go “funky” in their smell.} Not every oil smells amazing to every nose.

      I am SUPER sensitive to smell, which I actually think is the reason WHY EOs are so great for me. I truly am sensitive to the benefits of Aromatherapy. So, because of my sensitivity, there are some oils that I choose to avoid wearing topically – now, that is the minority, but it is important to know that we all have different body chemistries. Not every oil is for every person.

      Also, I personally do not want to smell like the same fragrance all of the time. I don’t dab them on me before I hang out at a party or go to hang in a group. That said, there are some oils that are amazing to nearly everyone in the universe, as far as smell. I do wear the following just for the awesome smell, because it is aromatherapy to me that lifts my spirit – and not many people don’t share the love for these oils’ smells: Lemon oil, Orange Oil, and Lavender oil. I also get compliments everywhere I go when I use thieves oil.

      It is my personal opinion that I think you can over do wearing your EO’s in certain scenarios.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, and if you are dying to have EO’s of your own.. I would be super honored if you would sign up using my link! Thank you, Lynn!! http://www.fieldstonehilldesign.com/young-living 1413674

      PS THANK YOU for your sweet words about my blog xoxo

    • Thanks for taking time to honestly answer my questions!! I really appreciate hearing your perspective on it and that does help to ease my mind about it a lot!! The term Oily Families alone freaks me out – too many bad experiences!! LOL! You’ve done a great job of selling the product(s)… ;) One of these days I just may sign up! :) Thanks again!

  • I tend to use herbs in tinctures, infusions, and decoctions more than eo’s, but I do have some favorite eo’s, too. Tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, frankensense, citronella, peppermint, clove, and cinnamon. We use them for so many things!

    I took an aromatherapy course as part of becoming an herbalist and have gotten to where my home wouldn’t be complete without essential oils!

  • Hi Darlene,
    This might be a dumb question….How do you use them? I’ve read to dab a little on the bottom of your feet but other than that I’m not sure how you can “take” them. Are there other ways and if so which works best for you?


    • My teachers always told me, there is no such thing as a dumb question! How else do you learn?

      There are 3 ways you can take pure, therapeutic grade oils {they MUST be therapeutic grade, or else don’t use them in these ways}:

      1. topically
      2. aromatically
      3. internally

      1. Topically means you rub the oils on your skin, on the affected areas {never in the eyes}. It also refers to rubbing oils on your feet, since this will allow the oils to enter into your entire blood stream. I use this method a lot … especially peppermint oil to help my stress points, frankincense to make my skin amazing, lemon to get me drinking more water, Valor to lift my mood, Stress away to, well, ease stress. etc.

      2. Aromatically means that you diffuse the oils into the air using a non-heat creating diffuser. The diffuser that comes with the Young Living Premium Kit diffuses the oil particles into the air without changing the powerful, natural chemical make-up of the plant. This might just be my favorite way to use oils. I almost always have lavender and lemon diffusing in my home simply because it smells SO SO awesome, and it makes me happy :)

      3. Internally means by adding to food, water, into special vegetable capsules, or by putting a drop in your mouth. NEVER do this with oils that are not approved for such use. The oils must be pure and therapeutic grade. I trust Young Living bc they oversee the quality of the product from seed to packaging.

      I most often use Topical and Aromatic. I use these methods every single day!

      When people use my member number to sign up to buy their kit, I send them a huge list of 110 ways to use YL Essential Oils. This guide is super helpful, and will tell you how you can use your oils! I would love to send it to you! If you decide to order this awesome collection of oils, I would be honored if you would enroll through me! Thank you so much! http://www.fieldstonehilldesign.com/young-living

  • Thanks so much Darlene,
    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I’ve been hearing that a lot more people are taking oils and how much they love them. I just wasn’t sure how to take them. :)
    I’ll check out your Young-Living link.
    Thanks again!

  • I have a question about topically using the oils. Everything I’ve read says to always use a carrier oil when applying to the skin. In your lists on how to use them you do not mention this. I know that YL oils are the therapeutic grade but does that mean you don’t need the carrier oil anymore? Thanks for all your wonderful information.

    • Such a great question! Yes, for most of my oils, I use a carrier oil. This can be olive oil, coconut oil, or I use YL’s v-6 oil because it is not greasy at all and absorbs right in. For some oils, it is not necessary to use a carrier oil {you can put it on “neat”}, such as lavender. Each bottle of Young Living oil tells you on the back what the ratio of carrier oil to essential oil is. If you have very, very sensitive skin, it is wise to at least test your skin or try even “neat” oils with some carrier oil first.

      I hope that helps!! Thank you so much for asking about the oils. And if you decide to go for adding these awesome oils to your life, I would be honored if you would sign up using my number 1413674 http://www.fieldstonehilldesign.com/young-living , I am having a special on wholesale Premium Kits this month too.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Thank you so much for your answer. I am currently using lavender and peppermint oil. The lavender has helped tremendously with my almost 5 yr old at bedtime. I use it with coconut oil and rub her feet and I also spritz a mixture on her bed sheets. I’ve found a surprising side effect, it helps her preschooler legs!

  • I’m already signed up as a wholesale distributor, but I was wondering if I could purchase a copy of your guide to using the oils. I’m trying to accumulate as much information as possible. Thank you!

  • Thank you once again for a wonderful post, Darlene! I am so encouraged by you– I really appreciate all of the resources you have given me to help get started with YL EO’s :) I’m so happy to be in your down-line!

    • Thank you SO much Andrea! I am so excited that you LOVE your oils!! I honestly don’t know what I would do without them now, haha! Thrilled to know you and partner with you on this wellness journey!

  • Hello. Great to know about peppermint. Will give a try. Just had a question in finding out if all seeds are non Monsanto, would like to know their origin, also the oil they mix with the plant. Want to know it’s non GMO please and thanks.

    • Great question!! I completely trust Young Living. YL uses strict organic practices, and owns their own farms for complete oversight {the ONLY EO company that does}. So the seeds have to be non GMO. YL is very Eco friendly and are stewards to the earth. You will LOVE being a member and having access to their to-die-for products at wholesale.

  • Thank you SO much for using my number to sign up. By using my number, you will have access to an AMAZING support team. Once you do, I will send you a LOT more information about the oils and their uses. There are a number of oils in the Premium Kit {the only one that comes with oils, not mini samples} that you will NOT be able to live without.

    I look forward to connecting with you further!

  • Hiya Darlene – to make sure I’m understanding …. Ordering thru you, I would get the wholesale price (ie $86 for the plus package?). Thanks!

    • Hi Lori! Yes! If you sign up via my link and use my # 1413674 , you will get wholesale pricing for and a wholesale membership {and I get some commission love, so thank you SO much for signing up through my #}. You will get wholesale pricing not just on your first kit order, but on all following orders, too! I REALLY recommend getting the premium kit, which is $150 at wholesale price { $236 retail price – you SAVE $86 < - that is where you got that number} because it is the ONLY kit that comes with the bottles of oils plus the diffuser {which is $98 retail alone. The diffuser is key!}. The other kits are priced as follows, and are a way to start getting wholesale if you simply can't swing the one that includes the oil bottles: {Basic Plus = $75 wholesale - a $40 discount, and the Basic Kit = $40 wholesale - a $10 discount} It can be confusing! There is a chart at the bottom of my sign up page that really helps. You can sign up by clicking on this link, and scrolling to the bottom: http://www.fieldstonehilldesign.com/young-living

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me @ fieldstonehill@gmail.com with the subject line Young Living

  • Hi Darlene!

    I remember perusing your blog a month ago, specifically reading about your experiences with Young Living. I’m so happy I signed up under you and took the plunge with the Premium Starter Kit. BEST money I’ve spent on myself and my family, e.v.e.r. Well worth the $150 investment!

    Your honesty and genuine care shine through in everything you do.

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