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Thursday, May 29, 2014 by {darlene}

I feel like I have been cheating on Orange.

I have had an orange crush for as long as I can remember. {To those of you who knew me way back in the day… that patent leather orange purse of mine was kind of like a Dar Mascot, no?}

But lately, I have been on such a fuchsia kick that I have forgotten about my beloved Orange. I knew it was time for an orange loving dedication post.

Are you an “orange” person? Those of us who love orange will quickly raise our hands, crying, “Me! Me!” But even if you are not an “orange-fan,” summer is just around the corner: the perfect time to play around with some orange in your life. Dream of a spot in your home, or your landscape, or your wardrobe where you can add just a drop of this happy color. Add a little or a lot.

orange crush inspiration for your home and closet via @fieldstonehill

Bask in these joyous images of orange, and I dare you not to feel spunky, happy, lively, and energetic. Dare you:

orange lips:

orange entry:

orange velvet:

bowls and bowls of oranges on the buffet:

orange velvet, again. perfection:

orange in the pattern. pillow fun:

red-orange velvet. orange accessories:

orange drapy dress. orange heels:

orange croc leather:

orange silk drapes. yes:

orange mod wallpaper. orange in your art:

orange walls:

orange furniture. orange art:

That was like a free therapy session wasn’t it??




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Who else loves orange???? Pledge your devotion here in the comments, so I know that we are blood-orange brethren! {I just knew you were cool}


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  • I am such a fan and I love it in all shades. How fun is the mod wallpaper and the draperies…heavenly. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Darlene ~

  • That orange velvet is amazing ! I left my garden stool outside and the paint flaked off so I repainted it bright orange and I like it so much better now.

  • I have been on an orange/tangerine kick this spring and love it. Great inspiration pics.

  • Ha! This was like therapy! We had an orange velvet couch growing up. It was a hand me down from my great grandmother and my mom HATED it! My sister and I called it “the beautiful couch.”

  • I love orange too! When we finish our basement, I’m planning on doing gray cabinets with orange, navy and green accents…such a happy color and, when you find the right shade, it’s universally flattering too :)

    It’s awesome that my parents have had these cozy, half cocoon orange chairs that they never recovered…they’ll be mine soon :)

  • Orange…so happy. I painted my kitchen orange and loved it with the fake ficus green leaves next to it. Oh, I just bought an orange shirt y’day and am wearing it today. I love orange!

  • I added splashes of orange this spring! My husband wanted to revive my blue/navy/teal/green comfort zone with orange. So we bought an orange/red chair — never would I have done that even three years ago. But it does add energy to the great room and of course I had to add a little dialogue with a couple of pillows with orange in them. It feels fresh and energetic!

  • I love this! I am crushing on Orange lately too but haven’t been brave enough to try the lipstick.

  • Of course! Forever and ever in love with orange…and, well, all colors. I guess that’s why my house looks like a crayon box exploded. See last pic. (Thank you for believein’ in me!)

    Orange you glad I didn’t leave an “orange you glad…” comment?

  • My whole family loves orange! Although I don’t use it a lot in my home….. But I will tell you a story. My first cousing got married a couple of years ago and the wedding colours were orange and Fuschia, and from my grandparents down to the great grandchildren every member of our family showed up wearing some orange. Completely unplanned!

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