finally! the big nursery reveal !!! {with sources}
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 by {darlene}

The Big Nursery Reveal

This is so overdue, my patient, design savvy friends. Today, I am finally sharing images of Georgia Luisa’s nursery!

This girl has been such a blessing in our lives, and I wanted to design a very special and unique space that was girly, sophisticated, sweet and fuchsia – of course!

I knew I wanted fuchsia and red for my colors. Then, with these colors in mind, I found my inspiration for the nursery while away on a girl’s weekend in Asheville, and I scored this stunning focal piece, a Peruvian matrimonial tapestry. This amazing piece definitely directed my path with this design.


From then on, the room took on a global flair and I dreamed up this space … a space that I truly love. It is a celebration of my sweet Georgia Lu. And interestingly, this is the only room in my home that I designed from beginning to end using a FHD design board {historically, hubby and I had never chosen to use our limited funds to decorate a room from beginning to end}. It was such a joy to create in this way. I feel like her room is my Masterpiece. What can I say? I am dramatic like that.

But, just to torture you, I must show you this room’s humble beginnings. Oh, and since I will probably get nothing done today – or anytime soon – on my home decorating list… it is really nice to take a look back and see how far we have come {read: this took 8 years, people}.


The nursery-to-be, when we first purchased Fieldstone Hill in 2005 {take special note of the floors and the wallpaper}:

nursery reveal befores

nursery reveal befores

We revamped this space into our firstborn’s nursery. It was a very special space to us, as we brought our first child home to this room {wallpaper gone, floors refinished}:

nursery reveal befores

Then, as our firstborn grew, this became his “big boy” room:

FHD big boy room befores of nursery reveal

And then when my two boys moved in to a room together, we revamped this into a space that was very special to us yet again, our homeschool room. I will never forget the sweet memories that we made in this space:

original FHD school room

And then, when we knew that Georgia was on the way, we decided to bring this room back to its original roots as a nursery. I set to work creating a design board that captured my dreams for sweet Georgia’s room. You can read more about that here:

GLW-my-girls-nursery-via @fieldstonehill

Well, that is enough for the torturous Befores.

I am so excited to share this room with you. A VERY SPECIAL thank you to my friend Kayce Shoffner who took these amazing photos. Her photography work is A.MAZ.ING.

May I present,

Georgia Luisa’s nursery

interior design by Darlene Weir of Fieldstone Hill Design

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , crib view

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , north view

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , south view

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , art view

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , dresser view

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , baskets

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , Peruvian jacket

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , georgia on her changing table

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , chair closeup

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , cactus

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , floor

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , georgia playing on changer

FHD nursery reveal, interior design by @fieldstonehill , crib view

And now, for the complete source list for our baby girl’s nursery:

{some links below are affiliate links. True story. Thanks, lovelies.}


Peruvian print: a one of a kind from an antique shop in Asheville, NC

Curtains – Indian block printed, front layer

Eames Reproduction lounge chair from InStyle Modern {I LOVE this chair. Everyone who sits here tells me they are never going to leave.}

Tote Bag

Pillow, similar one can be found here.

Side Table

Table Lamp



Moses Basket and sheet


Dresser, a family piece {thanks Mom and Cheryl!}

Rug, an antique I found at eSaleRugs, but there are some beauties here.

Rocking Lamb, given to us from my sister for our firstborn {almost 9 yrs. ago!}; I love this amazing one.

Peruvian costume

Gold Mobiles, handmade by our beloved babysitter out of straws and string and spray paint! I adore Sarah… she even got married here at Fieldstone Hill! Spy a few of the pics here – hers are the ones with fieldstone in the background, of course. If you want more info about how to make this mobile, harass Sarah in the comments!! wink!

Dresser knobs

Cat needlepoint, made by my mom and hung in her babies’ nurseries.

Storage Baskets

Crown Moulding, and picture frame moulding on the walls

Russian bowl, from our trip to Russia, find one here

Matryoshka art, a lovely gift from a precious client, similar one here

Woven baskets, TJ Maxx

Pink vase with flower, given to me by my lovely and uber-talented friend Shannon. Her how-to post is here.

Brass peanut, given to my little peanut, from my amazing bestie Angela.


* * *

Well, that is quite enough from me. I would love to write a post on how I created this designer room with lots of money-saving tips and creative decisions, but for now, this post will have to do.

I cannot wait to hear what you think of little Georgia’s room!!!!! I hope it was worth the wait.

Off to celebrate my birthday {wink. wink.}. Love you friends like crazy!



* * * * *

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  • it’s so beautiful! love the colors and textiles, and the baby. ;) it’s also fun to see how your style has evolved!

  • So gorgeous. You are so talented. This is such a lovely room! I love every single little bit of it.

  • Gorgeous!!! (I pinned it!)


  • Every carefully-considered detail is gorgeous, Darlene! You really hit the sweet spot of honoring your home’s history and personality with a modern sensibility. Love the cat art, of course, and it’s history. Everything is sooooo good, drapery, rug, dresses on the wall. BEAUTIFUL!

  • Absolutely divine! I love the feel that you have created in this space and the inspiration piece was a total find. Your little Georgia has an incredibly sophisticated and very fun room that will be enjoyed with minimal tweaking for years to come. Bravo!

  • Gorgeous! My favourite part was the little cutie on the change table, but wow, so many details to love! Can I just say how jealous I am of those windows, first of all!!! Amazing! Secondly, the drapes are perfect. I would never be able to pull those colors together in such an amazing way. What a blessing to your little blessing!

  • I love this modern eclectic space! Great job Darlene….I mentioned it on my post today:)

  • I *l.o.v.e.* IT!!!
    And Georgia Lu is so Beautiful, too! Congratulations on The Completion of your Wonderful Space! ♡♥♡♥♡

  • Is there a nursery there? I’m just blinded by the cutest little girl, she’s all I’m seeing!

    The room looks great! Again, what a fun space to grow up and make new memories together!

  • Julia@Cuckoo4Design

    Stunning! Every single detail and she is just so adorable!

  • A gorgeous room for a gorgeous baby!

  • Judy said exactly what I was going to say! Truly.

    b) I remember when you found & posted about that gorgeous wall hanging, it looks great!
    c) one of my favorite elements here is the mix of textures with cohesive colors. Really effective. I would TOTALLY ditto this room. : ))
    d) so beautiful how each chapter of family life has left happy memories here
    e) and of course Georgia is the prettiest detail.

    Love it, thanks for sharing!

  • Love it! This space is so pretty, warm, and colorful, and so different – that’s my favorite part I think is how interesting and special this space is! She will love looking at that wonderful peruvian print as she grows up and will probably have all the characters memorized in her head. The photo with Georgia in it is the sweetest thing! And that sheep that’s been passed down, so sweet.

  • Oh, Darlene. What a stunning space. Just right for you and your only daughter!

    I love that the Peruvian art set you on a course of international flair but didn’t limit you. The Russian elements are wonderful, I think, especially for a girl named Georgia!

    And you know what else I love? That along with the amazing designer elements you used a crib from Wal-Mart. That just makes me appreciate you all the more!

    Happy birthday, sweet friend! Hope this is your best year ever!

  • Darlene the nursery looks amazing. Wow!! I am just always in awe of the way you can put a room together with so many unexpected, perfectly placed elements. Just beautiful. Pinning!

  • A gorgeous room for an absolutely adorable girl! I think the rug is my favorite; it’s so rich!

  • Your nursery is beautiful! So easy for pretty Georgia to grow into but still has all the fun elements that makes a nursery a nursery! I’m also expecting soon and the Juju hat on your design board is in mine too, but I plan to DIY mine. We’ll see. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • It’s fantastic, Darlene, and your little Georgia is darling!!!!

  • Absolutely beautiful, Darlene!! I love the variety of sources you used. The curtains are so gorgeous, and the Eames chair, and I can’t get over the crib! Everything is just perfect!! And happy birthday to you! :)

  • I’ve been looking forward to the reveal – and it is glorious. Definitely a little girl’s room, but with so many unique elements. Like those curtains, they’re not what I’d expect in a baby’s room & yet they play such a big role in tying it all together. You’re always teaching me something. Beauteous!

  • Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder was playing in my head as I LOVED looking at this your space for your baby girl!! The best part of it is it is so easily convertible as she grows into a little little girl then a big little girl then a tweenie etc etc. Savor as it happens FAST….prom is just around the corner!

  • It is a beautiful room. That chair alone would feed and nuture over 20 children for a year with organizations like Kids Alive or Compassion International. The good news is all your daughter needs is you. :)

  • SO Wonderful! I love that ADORABLE BABY GEORGIA matches her room in her lovely outfit. Every detail stunning, the deep grey crib, amazing with the deep pinks and red gingham! The furniture!! The Walls!! All So perfect yet all so original, true talent. Enjoy every moment.

  • Verónica Domurat

    Really beautiful! My favorite things are the drapes and the hand made mobiles and your Mom’s needle point cat :)
    And Happy Birthday!! funny thing is my Sister’s birthday too!

  • Beyond beautiful! I would expect nothing less from you my friend! Your sweet little girl will love this space so much I am sure! Hope you have such a wonderful birthday celebrating with family and friends!!!

  • I love the nursery and Georgia is beautiful! I think she’s the same age as my baby girl!

    I’m officially harassing Sarah as I need those mobiles stat! Could she do a tutorial here?

  • Oh, Darlene, it’s beautiful and so unique and so you! Love all you did, they colors, textures and still a bit girly for that sweet girl of yours. You are so so talented, my friend!

  • It so warm and vibrant, but also relaxing and calming all at once? How did you do that! What a beautiful place for your wee one to blossom.

  • Finally got a chance to look and the design board really doesn’t do it justice! It’s really the most unique, colorful, eclectic nursery I’ve seen and am just amazing how everything comes together. I also enjoyed reading some of the links and much to my surprise, discovered that your Russian trip coincided with our Baltic cruise, which culminated with a few days in St. Petersburg! Congrats on the room and to lucky and adorable Georgia Lu!

  • Darlene, this turned out so good! I love that it’s so different and earthy. And, she is precious!

  • The room is almost as beautiful and your precious, precious little girl. Love every, single detail!!

  • Totally worth the wait – it’s fabulous! That fuschia rug is speaking to my soul. Congratulations, beautiful little Georgia! :)

  • It’s a complete and total stunner! Absolutely gorgeous and thoughtful. And oh, the colors and textures! Wow! Two of my favorites are your mom’s needlepoint kitty on the chair. It’s wonderful in every way, and the frame it’s in enhances it perfectly. I also adore the mobiles your sitter made with straws. They’re incredible, and please, oh please, do let us hear from Sarah about how she made them!!! How wonderful that her wedding was at your gorgeous home! She must be mighty special!

  • I love this room. It’s so gorgeous and original. What a lucky little girl.

  • Darlene – this is beautiful!!! I loved seeing the full progression from the start to the boys room to the school room and then seeing that sweet baby face in the room! Just precious!!!! I pinned it!

    Great job!
    Lots of Love,

  • Oh, the visual interest! I could just stare for hours! What stunning work, Darlene! The gorgeous baby girl with the cute headband is pretty beautiful too. (wink) :)

  • I am in love with all the personal touches in this beautiful eclectic nursery! The mix of color, texture, styles and pattern is simply gorgeous. What a lucky baby girl :-)

  • I just love the personal touches and unique look of this nursery. We have a blog which may interest you entitled What To Expect When Expecting: Cots and Toddler Beds

  • this room is beautiful!! I love the wall color and the crib color. Do you mind sharing the paint colors?

  • Stylish interior decoration and interior furnishing!

  • Hi Darlene! I adore all things interior design and have been following you on Pinterest. I love all of your designs, but I just had to comment on this one. Wow is insufficient, but it is the only word I can come up with to describe how I felt when I saw it! Your attention to detail is perfect! My favorite thing about the room, is how it doesn’t look like a typical nursery. It looks more “grown up”. Absolutely love it!

  • Absolutely amazing. Perfectperfectperfect!!

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