five faves :: dining al fresco
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 by {darlene}

Five Faves from Fieldstone Hill Design

Five Faves :: Dining Al Fresco

I am on a mission to refine my vision for our huge backyard project. This is my third day-dreaming post of sorting through my fave Pinterest pics to narrow down inspiration for a project that has been in the works for 8 years. 8 years of waiting that is! And, truth be told, there is probably at least one more year to wait…. but the weather is beckoning me into some serious outdoor dreaming.

Today I am sharing a quick photo inspiration list of gorgeous Al Fresco dining destinations – for the backyard. Plus, what I would “ditto” about each fire pit below.

 My Latest, Most Favorit-est Dining Al Fresco spaces:

5 faves: dining a fresco via interior designer @fieldstonehill

{The vintage variety of seating. The fabric touches – cushions, pillows, tablecloths. HUGE potted plants surrounding each sitting area. via }

5 faves: dining a fresco via interior designer @fieldstonehill

{A patio, snug to the house. A sprawling view with a beckoning pool. Slate floor. Relaxed picnic-table-esque. Shade trees galore. via }

5 faves: dining a fresco via interior designer @fieldstonehill

{Formal pergola side. Poolside dining. Crisp white against manicured green. Potted white flowers echo the white furnishing. A ‘chandelier’ for candlelight dining.  via BHG}

5 faves: dining a fresco via interior designer @fieldstonehill

{completely natural. relaxed picnic table style. lanterns hanging from the tree. A meadow in view, under the shadow of a glorious shad tree. Mixed wildflowers in glass jars.  via }

5 faves: dining a fresco via interior designer @fieldstonehill

{A private courtyard with a wall. well manicured trees. Relaxed and cozy feel of the enclosed space. Easy but lovely tablecloth. via }

and. Apparently I have no self discipline. I had to add two more….

5 faves: dining a fresco via interior designer @fieldstonehill

{that stone table surrounded by comfy armchairs, invites you to stay a while. the pergola draped in hanging wisteria. via}

and this one might just be my ultimate favorite……

5 faves: dining a fresco via interior designer @fieldstonehill

{Private courtyard dining. Overflowing greenery everywhere. Connected to the home. Climbing plants. Strong solid table contrasting with airy iron chairs. via}

These are actual inspiration pictures that are MAJOR faves of mine. I am SO ready to have a gathering in my own back yard. Eating, drinking, and being merry – Al Fresco style.

Hop on over to my Inspiration Outdoors Pinterest Board, Inspiration Porch and Sunrooms and Inspiration Garden and Flowers Pinterest Board to see more gorgeous outdoor dining inspiration.


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As I look at all of these favorite pics together, it helps me to determine what is truly important for me in outdoor dining design. Gathering several of your MOST fave pics is an excellent exercise in helping you to define your personal style.

Which one is your fave? Do tell!!







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  • I’m moving right in to the first pic! Nothing better than great outdoor spaces.

  • Darlene, since I am an artist/decorative art I love the Tuscan style and I would have to say the 6th photo of the stone and wisteria would be more of my liking. Even though I do admire all the photos there’s just something about stone and teakwood with soft cushions that would make me want to stay a little while longer than the others. Like your blog as well nice work.

  • Darlene, I love your style it infuses me with well being and is like a good cup of Chamomile tea. But, and there is always a But somewhere, mine would be that I would like to see more pictures of the lifestyle of small apartment dwellers and how they dine Al Fresco, decorate. etc. Not New York apartments, but Iowa, S. Dakota, Oklahoma, and those other states we actually live in here in the US. More of the true America most of us live in. Any help with decorating on a budget would help many of us who read your Blog. Thanks for anything you might have to tell, or show us.

  • I have to agree with you, Darlene, that the last post is my favorite. It’s intimate but connected to the home, which makes for easier dining. But I would change the flooring to either flagstone or stamped concrete, which we have and I love – for the look and practically of it. It’s nice and flat but doesn’t stain. I’m not a fan of pea stone or pebbles because they are squishy and harder to walk on, hard to keep clean, kids like to throw them, weeds can grow through them, etc. I also like the dining set because while I like white outdoor patio furniture, it’s harder to keep clean. We have mildew, as you know, so I prefer the natural or wrought iron look.

  • Beautiful and attractive interior designing!

  • The first photo calls my name. I want to sit & linger in COMFY chairs. Love the mix of seating and fabrics. It’s also the only one that has both a comfortable seating area and a table & chairs for dining..or doing a little project outside. That’s my preference.

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