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Monday, June 9, 2014 by {darlene}

Inspired To:

have fun

inspired to have fun

{image via Just Lovely . Come follow my obsessive Pinboards}

* note: this post is definitely born from my current season. Being a mom of 3, one being a newborn, homeschooling, and running my businesses this year has left me ragged, to be honest. I am trying to make changes in my daily living so that FUN …. remember that old friend ? … will return to my life.


  • be purposeful about making room for FUN. 
  • pay attention to whether or not I am laughing throughout the day.
  • Throw caution to the wind and live a little.
  • Invest both my time and money into memory-rich, fun family days.
  • Accept far less deadlines in my life – rejecting them to make room for real living, and fun days.
  • Run through the sprinkler and jump in the pool… despite the clothes on my back.
  • Ignore the phone, the emails, the buzzing and beeping.
  • Watch fireflies, drink some wine, and light the fire pit.
  • remember: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. What about the sparkle of life?
  • Giggle, tickle, laugh, snort, and open my eyes in wonder.
  • check in with myself: are you having any fun lately, Dar?

So. What does this picture inspire you to do/feel/create/think…… I would love to know!

What are you Inspired To?





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  • ummmm, she scares me. looks like an emaciated barbie doll who has drunk too much Red Bull.

    while raising three children, working full-time, the best tonic for joy and peace I found was tea-time — one segment of the day, 20 min., I brewed a pot of tea and sipped quietly. Or I sat outside and listened. Cultivating peace translated to joy. I still do that.

    • haha! I don’t think that is red bull! ;)

      for me, my current tonic is laughter. I find that I need it more and more and more, and that it cultivates more. Thanks for sharing your tea time!

  • Love it! Advice I need to take for myself as well!

  • Great pic! This would actually be cool to print out and hang up somewhere, to remind you to have fun :) This pic inspires me to have more fun with my clothes! I love the colors in her outfit and the fun jewelry!

  • Thank you! This is exactly where I’m at – raising two littles and having a hubby who’s had a lengthy recovery… seems life has been mostly about survival and it’s time to stop, take a step back, and do a little playing! :) Just this week-end I was telling myself too “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

  • Perfect timing as summer arrives, I’ve also made a conscious effort to bring more fun into my days. My recent blog post asked the question what do writer’s do for fun? I’m looking forward to finding out…watch out sprinklers here I come!

  • Verónica Domurat

    I need to have fun too!! Love the picture and her outfit reminds me of the awesome clothing my Mom had back in the 70’s

  • I can completely empathize–hope that is spelled right! (LOL) and have heard God whisper in my ear many times, ‘lighten up dear one–I’ve got this’ I have been learning more about who God is and memorizing His promises which helps me line up my stinken thinken with His and I’ve been looking for things to be thankful for continually throughout the day. Hope this helps–His mercies truly are new every morning! :)

  • Jennifer Stark

    Reminded me that I used to be like that. Now I would be worried about how awful my hair looks wet or how I’m going to get into my car without making a wet mess and who is going to think I’ve lost my mind. How did I become a fuddy duddy and I’m not even that old yet? Next party we’re at with a pool, I’m going in!

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