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Saturday, June 14, 2014 by {darlene}

Stuff I love. // #livewithbeauty

Welcome to my fifth edition of “Stuff I love,” Weekend Links. Sharing some of my faves with you today:

Stuff I love {weekend links via Fieldstone Hill Design}

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this mission//

My beautiful friend Karin is simply gorgeous inside and out.  And she has a giving spirit and a tender heart for children. Her family has a foundation that focuses on the charitable giving of time and resources, and I so very excited about one of their current projects, The Hope Academy, or Academia de la Esperanza. Can you even imagine? They are building a school! That is SO amazing. And this school will not only help the children, but will also help their parents. You must read more about it here.


Hope Academy

I encourage you to follow along on their journey as the school is built! You can go here to Follow the Weisberg foundation on Facebook, and definitely go here to donate {and not just money, but specific items that any budget could handle!}.


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this stunning makeover//

I have been meaning to share about this GORG room makeover by Christine Dovey, for oh, a while now. It is glam to the ninth degree, and every detail has been geared toward drama. And this here former opera singer {what, you didn’t know that about me??} is a COMPLETE sucker for a gorgeous music room. I WANT!


And you have GOT to click over to her reveal post to see the before and after shots. You will be amazed at the contrast. Christine, my friends, is a totally talented visionary. And every detail of this room proves it. I am in love. Yes, sir.

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this awesome house tour//

My friend Lauren is so very talented. And brilliant. And I love her innate skill with textures, botanicals and neutrals. Take a moment to watch NBC’s Open House Tour on this video and this video, as she brings us into her home for an awesome home tour. You will not regret walking through the doors of her gorgeous home! Enjoy the tour!


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this sale for cute kiddos//

So, I may just be a little obsessed with Tea Collection. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have the cutest baby on earth, and she is my first girl and I can’t stop….

Georgia Lu in various Tea Collection outfits, captured via my Instagram account:

tea collection on Georgia Lu

Oh, and I love the fact that Tea Collection finds their design inspiration globally. Like I did with Georgia Luisa’s nursery.

They are having a huge sale right now. See that dress down there in the clickable image. Georgia has it. Yep. Who can even resist – honestly?

Up to 50% Off Entire Morocco Line at Tea Collection

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these great articles for a quality summer//

I always love that Nester reminds us that we only have 18 summers. I need that reminder anew every year.

nester {image via}

And so, since my precious summers with my babies are limited, I should be living them the best way that I know how. I love this article, and how it prompts me to hush my inner critic. Essential for me. Because my critic is very loud.


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this DIY-worth-doing //

Little Lights candles Just Be PeacefulHave a hallway that needs an impactful design solution? I just love what my friend Julia did over at Cuckoo for Design. This is a simple project that has major wow factor. Definitely a DIY worth doing. And a HUGE congrats to Julia, who was just named one of Domino’s Best DIY blogs.


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this must-have item

for a toxic-free house with sparkle,

+ a deal//

This is what I use to clean my house. Oh, and my kids use it too. to clean the house. Because it is all natural, I don’t have to worry about them using it. The cinnamon smell rocks my world, and a little bit goes a super long way {I have had mine for over 6 months}. Perk: despite being all natural, it has MAJOR disinfecting power:


And this is what I keep in my purse  to clean off my kids germy fingers. Same all natural cinnamon and clove goodness. This tiny bottle kills major germs, for all you germ-a-phobes out there:

thieves hand purifier

And this is what I am giving away for FREE {hooray!} in June. Y’all know how I feel about these amazing oils. We are kind of oil crazy in our family now. Down to the littlest one {she loves Thieves oil for relief of teeth pain, and she loves Gentle Baby}:




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Have a great weekend, friends! Happy Weekend Browsing!






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