How to make your own Water Bar
Thursday, July 10, 2014 by {darlene}

How to make your own Water Bar

How to make your own water bar via @fieldstonehill

Gorgeous display is essential to good design.

But so is usefulness and practicality.

Friends, we can have both. In fact, I pretty much live by it. #Livewithbeauty is not just my motto, it is something I truly believe.

Why drink out of a plastic happy meal cup, when you can drink out of a lovely glass or ball jar that makes you smile? And then display those ball jars in a happy row on an open kitchen shelf? Rest assured, tossing your happy meal cups and replacing it with lovely ball jars does not happen overnight. But devote yourself to these little changes, and bit by bit…. voila: GORGEOUSNESS. Design truly is in the details.

Now, don’t faint: Today I am sharing a borderline DIY. Let’s just call it a “project,” shall we? I don’t want to get a reputation. heehee. And, as always, you can count on me for simplicity and high impact beauty, so this is a simple one!

This is more about shifting your mind to a brand new idea of  “The Bar.” {<- tweet this}

Bars are a gorgeous display option for the home. They are

1. inviting
2. practical and useful
3. hospitality focused, and
4. offer an excellent opportunity to add some glam details to our space.

bar display {via Elle Decor}

But not all of my clients are drinkers, and then – for those who are – some already have a bar in their home, but want another gorgeous display option for another room that is also hospitality focused. My solution, that I am rather tickled about? The Water Bar.

How to make your own Water Bar

It truly could not be simpler to make your own gorgeous water bar display. Here is what you need:

1. A tray

Select a tray that is large enough to hold your goodies and that you love to look at. Never underestimate the joy of selecting things you love for your home.

How to make your own water bar via @fieldstonehill

2. Various waters

Select waters that come in simple and pretty glasses. My top recommendations are the San Pellegrinos and Perriers. I also love Metromint. {You can find links below in “shop the post”}

How to make your own water bar via @fieldstonehill

3. Pretty Glasses

Here is a fantastic opportunity to go glam. Have you always wanted a set of gorgeous glasses? Here is the perfect spot to use and enjoy them.

How to make your own water bar via @fieldstonehill

4. A bowl of citrus

Offering water with lemon is such a hospitable gesture for your guests. Before friends arrive, cut several slices of lemon, lime and/or other citruses into wedges. Display in a beautiful bowl.

How to make your own water bar via @fieldstonehill

5. Accessories {optional}

Stirrers, Ice bucket, a pretty book on hospitality, a small vase of flowers.

Of course, here is where you can start to really have fun. All of these are just extras, so don’t let these stop you from throwing together your very own Water Bar today!

How to make your own water bar via @fieldstonehill

How to make your own water bar via @fieldstonehill









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