How to Finally Squeeze in a Workout
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How to Finally Squeeze in a Workout

How to finally squeeze in a workout via @fieldstonehill

{this post is a part of my Living with Beauty: Wellness series. #LivewithBeauty is a frame of mind!}

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If your days are anything like mine, I have just about every excuse in the book for not working out.

But the reality is, if I don’t take charge of my own health, then who will? If I don’t start now, when will change happen?  If I don’t move this body of mine, aches and pains will set in for good. I am tired of the constant circle of defeat and excuses, and I ready to do something about it!

But. Y’all. WHEN?

There seriously are a million obstacles for this homeschooling, blogging, interior designing, owner of 3 businesses, wife and mother of three… including a baby…

Well. I am here to tell you how I do it. This is what works for me, crazed as my life may be. I have two workout secrets that help me to finally squeeze in a workout! {<- Tweet This}

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A. Workout Videos

Workout videos may not be for everyone. But here is a list of the ZILLION reasons {okay. 9.} why they work for me:

1. You don’t have to look ‘perty.’

In case you have not picked up it already, I am one of THOSE people… you know, the ones who hate to leave the house without makeup. Never an issue with workout videos. Better yet, you don’t even need to look decent. You can crank out a workout without brushing your teeth, people. This is a HUGE deal for some of us whose schedules are desperately packed full.

2. You can do them in spurts or segments.

I buy the 10 minute segmented ones (suggested videos at the end of the post). I convince myself to get started by mentally pleading, “you can do just 10 minutes, can’t you??” Of course, I almost always get motivated – once I start – to keep on going. And I can usually make it through at least one 10-minute segment on the busiest of days, or by telling my kids I am having “mommy time.” I can always pick up more 10 minute segments later in the day.

3. You don’t have to wrestle your humans out of the door.

It is REALLY hard to get 4 people out of the door in the dead of winter. Just one more excuse to NOT make it to that overpriced gym. The less excuses, the better.

4. Variety. Variety. Variety.

Build up a library of videos, and variety shall be yours.

5. I can alter my workouts based on my daily mood.

For example, after eating a cup of chocolate chips last night, I decided that I needed punishment and proceeded to use my caffeine high to do a Boot Camp video. Whenever I am feeling – ahem – feminine, I do yoga relaxation… you know, the ones where you just squeeze your butt muscles, but never actually have to stand up once.

6. CHEAP!!!

I buy new ones every once in a while off of Amazon whenever I am losing my motivation. Once I have purchased them, they are mine to use over and over and over. I have a yoga mat, blocks and yoga strap and sneakers, and that covers accessories for every DVD I own.

7. Guilt free.

If I get sick of one particular video, or stop working out altogether for a while, I don’t have the added guilt that comes with, say, a $500 treadmill, or monthly membership plan.

8. There is a pause button.

I can explore different workout styles without feeling like an idiot when I mess up the routine (at least, I think my kids don’t notice). I have bellydancing, ballet, yoga, pilates, latin dance, core fusion, barre, etc.

9. Just move the coffee table.

The comfort of your own home. You may have to scoot a bit of furniture or move a coffee table each time, but that counts as calorie burning, right?

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B. The 5 minute blitz

Truly, workout videos are my workout of choice during this busy season of life. But sometimes, despite all the advantages, I truly cannot squeeze it in.

I reach the end of the day, and I wish I had not eaten this or overindulged on that… and to top it all off, I did not move my hind end all day. I sit with my nagging guilt as I approach the end of my day. What to do??

Well, I can either go to sleep feeling yuck. Or, I can do my 5 minute blitz. Which usually turns into three to four 5 minute blitzes. My hubby and I actually do these together. I am telling you right now: It. Is. Better. Than. Nothing.

How to do a 5 minute blitz:

1. Pick a body area to focus on

2. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Or tell Siri to set one for you.

3. Workout for 5 minutes without stopping, honing in on that body area until it feels like jello and the timer goes off.

4. If you want, move on to another 5 minute set, focusing on a new body area.

* * *

You know, a perfect workout would be… well…. perfect. But that is just not going to happen around here anytime to soon.

So here’s to the 5 minute blitz and a shelf full of workout videos! Here’s to squeezing in your workout.






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  • Great tips! I’m trying to be healthier and will try to keep these ideas in mind for moving my behind. ;)

  • Verónica Domurat

    Great advise!! Thank you!! I was just thinking of doing that since I am pregnant now and I cancelled my gym subscription (not expensive but driving there was my excuse).
    Before I went to a gym I used to record from a channel, Gillad’s work outs and I think I was in good shape and it only took half an hour.
    Funny thing is that I was thinking to buy his dvd’s for after I have the second baby and just “squeeze some time” like you said to get my body in shape and be happy and healthy.

  • This is my favorite way to work out at home, and love that I can pick and choose according to mood. I get bored easily doing the same exercises. Right now, I’m taking a wonderful Tai Chi/Chi Gong class that is both relaxing and a good workout, without all the sweating – my idea of the perfect workout!

  • With moves, babies, deployments, overseas living, I’ve done home workouts for years. Waking up earlier than everyone else works for me- it’s quiet, I can declutter my brain, and it just starts the day out right followed by my quiet time. And a shower. Before little people NEEEEEEED me! :)

  • the library has workout dvds also. i have often checked those out, so if i hate them, all i do is drop them back in the return box. FREE :)

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