My Signature Style :: Glam Farmhouse
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 by {darlene}

My Signature Style :: Glam Farmhouse

I am participating in a SUPER FUN blog hop today, hosted by one of my precious friends, Carrie of Making Lemonade. {If you don’t know Carrie, your life is not complete. The first word that comes to mind when I think of her is SWEETHEART, but truly, even that word does not do her justice}. On top of being one of the most thoughtful people I know, Carrie is also super stylish and is a talented and inspiring blogger.

This blog hop, The Signature Style Series, features 22 bloggers, who will all be sharing a “magazine shot” of their own Signature Style.


If you have just arrived here from the talented Jennifer Rizzo {Hi Jen!!}, welcome! It is SO nice to have you here at Fieldstone Hill Design. I LOVE connecting with you lovely, stylish people.

I am Darlene, an interior designer and mom-who-wears-a-million-hats. If you hang out here, which I hope you will, you can expect to learn how to analyze a room like an interior designer, get rid of your decorating paralysisidentify your personal style with guts and confidence, and find inspiration from all of God’s creation so that you can #livewithbeauty in every, single, thing that you do.

And for those of you who know me, you know that I am VERY passionate about helping YOU define your own personal style. I believe you should really take the time out to think about what you truly love. And I even did a fun post and entire Pinterest board for my readers {you can still join in!} featuring THEIR Signature Style Boards. In fact, Carrie joined in and created her own board. So pretty. So when she invited me to join in on this series, I jumped in right away.

For this Signature Style series, I had fun this past weekend making my own Signature Style Mood Board. As you check it out, I hope you will think about this question:

“What would I put on my own board if I were to make one??”

Darlene Weir: My Signature Style

I chose my favorite room, my favorite fabrics line, my signature fragrance, a snapshot of my obsession with glam accessories, and my favorite color influences. I had to include flowers, because life without flowers is dull.

I am not a big believer in labels for one’s own style. In fact, I prefer to encourage my clients to think about style words that describe how they want their home to feel. But if I had to describe my Signature Style in one little phrase, then Glam Farmhouse it is. I hope you can appreciate the yin and the yang in those two words. Because life without contrast is also dull!

For fun, I thought I would add a “Shop The Post” Carousel, for the Glam Farmhouse look. Enjoy!

Don’t let the fun stop here! Be sure to head over to visit lovely Heather at Setting for Four and get a glimpse into her Signature Style!






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