Wednesday, September 17, 2014 by {darlene}

I might just be a weeeeee bit excited…….


today, my handsome husband put me on a train.

We rocked that scene like a Turner Classic Movie. One tear in my eye. And he blew me a kiss after helping me aboard with my luggage.


For the next few days, I will be hanging out in the Big Apple with some of the most wonderful, ingenious, and creative minds in magazine-land and blog-land. And when these two worlds collide, you KNOW that some amazing inspiration is going to be happening.

I hope you will follow along with our adventure this week. Check out instagram and twitter for the hashtag #BHGSTYLE .

Oh, and be sure to compliment me on my outfits. Haha. Any outfit I am wearing is the result of a binge diet, and a postpartum fit of trying on clothes for 2+ hours {Can I still use the word postpartum now that Georgia is one??}.  I nearly fit into my beloved designer jeans, but alas… had to leave them at home. I couldn’t sit down.

I digress.

The main thing I hopped on to say is… I am STINKING EXCITED! And I am READY to be inspired by the amazing editors of Better Homes and Gardens. And I am more than thrilled to meet all of these genius bloggers – new friends and old. And I would be lying if I did not confess with a loud squeal: I am soooooooo excited to meet Nate Berkus {check out some Nate love from last Monday’s ditto}.

See you on Instagram, my dears!!! #BHGSTYLE


P.S. Just for fun… leave a comment telling me a brilliantly witty thing you think I should say to Nate Berkus, the Beautiful.





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