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Monday, September 15, 2014 by {darlene}

Europe in the Sonoran Desert

Happy {ditto} Monday! Ditto posts: learn how to ditto a designer room

This may be a Sonoran desert home. But the moment I set eyes on it, I thought of time spent in Italy.

I could live here. Without a doubt.

Europe in the Sonoran, a ditto worthy space via @fieldstonehill

Europe in the Sonoran, a ditto worthy space via @fieldstonehill

Europe in the Sonoran, a ditto worthy space via @fieldstonehill




Europe in the Sonoran, a ditto worthy space via @fieldstonehill

Europe in the Sonoran, a ditto worthy space via @fieldstonehill

Europe in the Sonoran, a ditto worthy space via @fieldstonehill




{all images and brilliant design work via David Michael Miller Associates}


Here are the overarching themes that I find so ditto-worthy:

1. The natural elements everywhere

2. The huge chunks of wood everywhere

3. The fireplaces everywhere

4. The farmhouse simplicity everywhere

5. This place is truly rustic. Not some cheesy-trendy version of rustic. But actual, original rustic.

6. Real art and pottery on the walls.

7. Stunning, show-stopping light fixtures {no wallflowers here}

8. Soft linens to balance all of the rough-hewn materials

9. That pool. My word.

10. Skillful editing leads to uncluttered living

11. I am such a color-girl. But this monotone living really makes texture come alive and rule the day.

What do you think? Which room is your favorite?

What would YOU ditto??






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  • I could move right in, too, Darlene. It is gorgeous. Just love the beams which add such warmth, and I think the kitchen is my favorite. Open shelving, a fireplace and amazing floors – love it all!!

  • This is a beautiful house! It feels so warm. And I love that the drapes don’t go to the floor in the room with the bright flowers. That’s what my house has too, and I think of them as mod mini-skirts for my windows.

  • Who would think a wood beam would make all the difference! That ceiling says “home” to me. I had a contractor out last year to see if my ceiling might support one or two beams. And it will but ka-ching. He said they could look at some great faux wood beams and no one would know the difference by looking at it and they would be lighter. And still add that homey look. You do need high ceilings to pull this off. I’m still thinking about it. Wood seems to be coming back, a touch of it in a room adds depth. So now I’m thinking bread boards! more affordable!

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