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Saturday, September 13, 2014 by {darlene}

Stuff I love. // #livewithbeauty

Welcome to my sixth edition of “Stuff I love,” Weekend Links. Sharing some of my faves with you today:

Stuff I love {weekend links via Fieldstone Hill Design}

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my favorite girls’ accessories evahh!//

I may be just a teensy weensy bit excited about this company. And I may as well have stock there.

Do you see these headbands? And those shoes??? Oh, and my cute daughter???? Well, the shoes and headbands are from the amazing company Gracious May and their sister company Snugars. I heart everything they make…

gracious georgia

so I just about did a backflip when Grace of Gracious May sent Georgia Lu a birthday present!!:

Gracious May Fall shoes for girls

Yes. They are gorgeous. Be looking for uber-model, #georgialu {she has her own hashtag. but her mom made it up.}, sporting these beauties on Instagram. And thank you so much, Gracious May. What a delightfully gracious b-day present – a girl’s favorite shoes!


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this awesome concoction//

Try this!!! You will LOVE it. It is my newest guilty pleasure. Plus it has healing benefits, detox effects, and is true aromatherapy. I kinda sorta feel like a spoiled princess when I lounge in this bath:

relaxation bath recipe via @fieldstonehill 1413674

I use the Lemongrass oil and the Relaxation Massage oil from my affiliate sponsor, Young Living. Their oils are amazing and yummy and I am pretty much addicted, hook-line-and-sinker. Thanks for using my affiliate links! You all are wonderful!


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buy real art //

I recently discovered this Brazilian artist and I just LOVE her paintings – especially her florals – and I also love the price tag. I am a huge believer in using real art in your home. There truly is no replacement. But the price can be daunting. So I say: start small, but start REAL. It makes ALL the difference in gorgeous interiors.

Original Art by Brazilian artist, Cristina Jaco:

Cristina Jaco art

Little Lights candles Just Be Peaceful

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this life-giving article//

Many of you know that I am a home-schooling momma. This article meant so much to me as we rebooted another school year. I need to remind myself of this calling often!


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this scarf for my girl//

 I have had  my eye on these amazing infinity scarves for toddlers, for quite some time. They are handmade from the Rugged Closet. But, Georgia was a spitter upper, so I had to go with bibs, for sure. The scarves had to wait.  Well, she is probably barely old enough to wear these scarves, but fashion before function, I always say. Or is it #livewithbeauty ? Go getcha some of these pretties for your favorite little toddler. {also, check out her bibs. so cute for boys and girls}

infinityscarf rugged closet


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this #masterdesigner moment //

I have to share this pic from my Instagram feed. {Are you Instagrammy? I share tons of daily life pics. Maybe not so glam, but oh, so real. And oh, so good. Especially if you like cute, bald, baby girls}. We had our annual vacation at the lake not long ago. It is one of my favorite places in all the world…. right in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of America. Perfection.

This shot was taken from the dock, the evening that my hubby and I spent a night out at the lake on our own. The sunset was indescribable. This is taken with an iPhone, and no filter. I think I need to paint this. Or Angela needs to paint it:

The lake

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Have a great weekend, friends! Happy Weekend Browsing!






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