our never-before-seen kitchen {+ kitchen renovation inspiration }
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 by {darlene}

Ten years ago, I had big plans for this kitchen.

Time passed and other projects just continued to take precedence. I could have slapped on some coats of paint, but I have been holding out hope for those big plans.

So years passed {this happens quickly when you are child-rearing, business-building, and people-educating}. Ten years later, I still have big plans. But…. I can taste it. Change is JUST around the corner for this kitchen!

The never-before-seen kitchen at Fieldstone Hill:

Fieldstone Hill Kitchen before

Fieldstone Hill Kitchen before2

Our kitchen meets all of our practical needs.

But not one ounce of it reflects my personal style. And this is why I haven’t ever shared it on the very blog that DOES reflect my style.

The kitchen, as seen in these pics, has not been changed since we moved in, with the exception of removing wallpaper, doing some needed window replacement {lets just say the wind used to move through my hair while I was in the kitchen}, and fixing a failing popcorn ceiling.

But with hopes of a kitchen renovation in the near future, I am starting to dive back into my big plans again. And I am excited to share these ideas with you – even though there is still a chance we might not move forward with the redesign.

Our Kitchen Renovation Inspiration and Plans

{Be sure to follow my Inspiration Kitchen Pinterest board, and here is the link to all of my boards. Pinterest is still SUCH an amazing resource for inspiration and project planning!}


1. Knock out a {serious} wall.

This is, hands down, the reason why this project has been slow in coming. Let’s just say it is not easy to remove a load-bearing 2.5 foot thick stone wall that is 200 years old. {PS you can’t quite see the wall I am talking about in the pics above}

2. Add a peninsula and move the sink.

A sink directly and skinny-ly across from a fridge is a bad idea, people. Trust me. It has to be moved! The view would be somewhat like this if you were standing at the fridge and looking away from the door:

5 faves - dream kitchen design @fieldstonehill

3. Paint the cabinets.

This color-ish:

dream kitchen design inspiration

Or this color-ish:

5 faves - dream kitchen design @fieldstonehill

4. Replace the hardware and sink.

Brass-galore and farmhouse sink:


dream kitchen design inspiration

5. Remove that corner cabinet and replace with two cabinets at each end of the kitchen

end cabinets

6. DIY the floor {don’t faint!}



7. Replace and/or move appliances.

Beg husband for new stove and range combo. and for this hood:

hood inspire

8. Change the countertops:


aquias blue quartzite

Bianco Macabus quartzite, look of marble, hardness of granite

or marble:

marble edie


9. Add open shelving:

5 faves - dream kitchen design @fieldstonehill

5 faves - dream kitchen design @fieldstonehill

10. Add texture with butcher block and wooden accents:

butcher boards

These pictures excite me and make me want to say, DEMO TIME!

But what excites me most is the prospect of togetherness and family. The whole point of the renovation is to connect our kitchen to our dining room. Ultimately the point is to connect a hard-working momma to her hard-working homeschooled children and to her family. 

I will sketch out a before and after floor plan for you {and my contractor} soon, and share!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this inspiration!! Do tell! What is your favorite? Any other brilliant inspiration I am missing?









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  • All of your ideas are beautiful!!

  • The floor you have now looks gorgeous… but is it a pain to clean?

    You are going to have a marvelous kitchen!

  • #6 is my FAVORITE and I love the mix of textures and worn homey items in the close-up of #10. Having a kitchen that gets heavy use, I prefer one with minor distressing to begin with. Then as it begins to show wear it’s not as noticeable and looks more like character than dings and scratches. I don’t want to be a slave to my kitchen and choose finishes that don’t show streaks, dust and fingerprints as much as possible. A couple of favorite things I chose in my kitchen (completely open to the living room) were things that made it more homey. On either side of the stove there are no upper cabinets – only art. The hood looks more like furniture matching the cabinets. And scraping and splurging to put matching cabinet doors on the refrigerator instead of stainless was sooooo worth every solitary penny. It just doesn’t ever look dirty. How FUN FUN FUN Darlene!!! It’s going to be a thing of beauty and can’t wait to watch it unfold.

  • I absolutely love the second photograph in #3. We’re planning a new small cottage and I want white open shelves with lower cabinets painted in a color. Much like that kitchen. Oh, it just speaks “home” to me.

  • Ooh, how exciting! Your plans and inspiration photos look gorgeous and exciting and just like you and I can’t wait to follow along with the progress.

  • Just what’s on my mind these days redoing a kitchen. Quarzite, brass fixtures subway tile on my list too!

  • i was so hoping you would keep the oak cabinets. I thought i was the only one stuck with those. my husband just wont give in and let me have them painted.

  • Wood accents! :) did you see the Mary & Martha Abundance Pizza Tray with Lindsay Lettering? :)

  • Oh my goodness that hood, yes please! And I’d love to see a floor DIY

  • gorgeous inspiration! knocking a wall down will make a huge difference!

  • As soon as I started scrolling through the inspiration pictures, I gasped! They are SO gorgeous!! A farmhouse sink and that range hood are the perfect mix for you! I cannot wait to see how this turns out!

  • My jaw is seriously on the floor with those gorgeous countertops and stunning details! I can’t wait to see what you do with this space, whatever it is, it’ll be gorgeous!

  • Just putting it on the record that I rather LOVE your current kitchen space with that awesome little window :) HOWEVER< I know that you will do an amzing job on the remodel!! Excited to see it!

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