Master Designer Series – and a dream
Monday, July 27, 2015 by {darlene}

Today begins a simple series that I will add to as I am able. This is a cry from my heart, and it is attached to a dream.

My cry:

That bold design comes from our Creator, and we can find confidence in boldly being ourselves, because nothing is more bold or audacious than He.

My dream:

To create a gorgeous coffee table book called “Master Designer.” Hopefully, it will sit on your coffee table someday. It will be filled with gorgeous images showing God’s creations, and side-by-side, Man’s creations. It will also have a few inspiring quotes and thoughts of my own.

This is a tough dream, my friends. Creating a coffee table book is PRICEY and publishers don’t like to gamble on them. The cost to the purchaser is then also high. This is due to all the photography and printing costs.

But I am all about dreaming these days and making things happen these days. This is not a dress rehearsal, my friends. This is the day for taking steps toward your dreams. And steps are usually tedious and mundane, but they are the stuff of dreams.

To that, I offer this new series that will be simple photo reflections, as well as inspiring quotes, on

The Audacious Creations of God alongside The Audacious Creations of Man, God’s Masterpiece. #MasterDesigner {<- Tweet This}


* * * *


Purple Spiral.

were we meant to create beauty?

Master Designer Series by @FieldstoneHill Purple Spiral

{image credits: Purple Morning Glory Spirals, by Maji. Spiral staircase leading to the ‘Café Glockenspiel’ in Munich, by Philipp Klinger}

* * * **

 Thanks for listening to my dream.

I will be back with more inspiring Master Designer images.

And. I hope you are working on dreams of your own {maybe even share them in the comments?}…..









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