The 3000 Thing Challenge
Thursday, December 31, 2015 by {darlene}

The 3000 Thing Challenge

Do you own stuff? Or does your stuff own you? Join me in the 3000 Thing Challenge!

3000 Thing Challenge via @fieldstonehill

Every once in a while, I get so tired of it, I could scream.

Stuff takes OVER.

And you have heard me say here before that “You cannot have a beautiful space if it is filled with junk.” Tough love? Maybe. But it is true. If you look around you and see clutter and pieces and papers and piles… you will not experience the freedom that comes with a beautiful, clean slate.

In the month of January, I am taking a simple challenge that I heard about from my friend Nicole. I decided to make it a “Thing,” and I do so hope you will join me!!!

Do you own stuff? Or does your stuff own you? Join me in the 3000 Thing Challenge! #declutter #3000ThingChallenge (<-Tweet This)

All you need to do is get rid of 3000 Things in the month of January.

Give them away. Donate them en masse. Throw them out. Get them out from under your roof. 3000 things.

Go one drawer at a time. One closet at a time. Do a little each day. Or go to town for 5 days straight. Or dive in each weekend.

But imagine how much lighter you could feel in the New Year if you owned your stuff, instead of it owning you?? I, for one, am done with being a slave to a bunch of things!

For people who are overwhelmed at the thought… just think: you could probably toss at least 100 things from your junk drawer of pens and pencils alone! 100 little things a day will add up to 3000 things (+ or -) in the first month of 2016!

Are you ready to start this year a little lighter?

If so, comment below and tell us all that you are IN!!!

PS There are a zillion awesome posts out there on the HOW of decluttering. Just do a quick Pinterest search and you will find something great. Questions you can ask yourself, etc. My advice? I just chant “Be ruthless. Be ruthless. Be ruthless.” when I declutter. You can do this!





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