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Thursday, July 14, 2016 by {darlene}

Hi friends! I have been missing you!

Life – and summer – is moving a million miles an hour, and I am trying to be so intentional about what matters most. I see my kiddos growing up before my eyes, and even thought I homeschool them and get to BE with them A LOT, I still see the clock spinning faster and faster. My oldest just turned 11, and suddenly, I have a TWEEN! A middle school boy. Hold me.

I have been pouring a lot of my creative energies into parenting lately. You certainly do need to get more creative as your kids get older, can I get an Amen? Our summer has been busy, but without much structure, mostly thanks to our fabulous kitchen project and some traveling adventures…. oh, and potty training.  Also, we are a mostly screen-free household (I know. I am crazy!), so I spend much of my time redirecting my kiddos into good activities and projects. I know most of you don’t come to this blog for parenting anecdotes, but this is SO where I am right now. Just pouring into my kiddos. I want to give them the BEST of me, not the leftovers. This discipline has resulted in me being offline a lot more….

all this to say, I miss you!

And yet….. In my off moments, ;) , I sneak in some kitchen designing! I pour through Pinterest and find rooms that make my heart sing. That is definitely my momma time! My summer evening habit has included a piece of chocolate, a glass of wine, a fire pit, and some Pinterest browsing. Now, doesn’t that sound delightful!?

Anyway, loves, here are some pics from our kitchen renovation. Starting with the oldest, and ending with a pic that was just taken yesterday. Welcome to our crazy:













I will keep the pics coming when I can! In the meantime, know that you are missed.

I will catch on Instagram in the meantime!!

In fact, I should have a brand new pic up on there sometime today that is not shown here in this post. See you there!!











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  • Darlene you are at such a beautiful (busy!) time in your life right now! It’s a lot of work but I can hear your joy in where you are spending your time right now. So happy for you…and excited to see your kitchen project get underway!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  • So thrilled to see your kitchen renovation progress. But even more, so thrilled to hear that you have your priorities in line and are giving the best of yourself to your sweet kiddos and family. That is the most important. The rest is all gravy. Sounds like a wonderful and adventurous time. Will look for you on Instagram and check back here when you have time to share. Blessings!

  • Love seeing the progress in your new kitchen. It’s going to be beautiful and looks like you have a lot of natural light, too! Yours is usually the first blog I check so it’s always great to see a new post. Also enjoying the pics on Instagram.

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