10 ways to use copper in your kitchen
Sunday, September 18, 2016 by {darlene}

I am having a ball as the final stages of our kitchen project unfold. It had been moving along slowly, but now, things are really picking up the pace. Most things are ordered, and the final steps are happening! Of course, as a family of five, we are READY to move back into our kitchen, but I truly am enjoying this process!

Join me on Instagram to see more real-time changes to the kitchen, but here is today’s shot (taken during install. That is NOT my camo rug. wink. ). The overall feel will be quite different from this, since a lot of the detailing (including our tile, which will change everything) is not in yet:

Fieldstone Hill kitchen, mid renovation via @fieldstonehill

With our kitchen project, I have been aiming for – design wise – a few overall elements that I really want:

1. Black and White and Graphic. I want a lot of contrast happening.

2. Well-loved and antique wood tones sprinkled in, to warm things up.

3. Glam farmhouse – I want this kitchen to fit well, and be true to, its farmhouse roots. But I also want the fun and contrast of some Glam.

4. Gold/Brass/Copper for the cherry on top. This brings in much of that Glam I was talking about.

Sooo, since Gold and Brass and Copper touches are our “Cherry on Top,” I have been pouring through lots of ideas for bringing copper into my kitchen in glorious and practical ways. I thought I would share some of the fun ways to bring that shine into your kitchen, particularly with copper.

Copper is ‘hot’ right now in kitchen design, but lets face it: Copper always has been ‘hot.’ It is a kitchen staple, especially in European kitchens. There are plenty of ways to incorporate this stunning metal into a working, beautiful kitchen. And, you don’t have to go all-in if you are wanting some Copper in your kitchen.

10 Ways to Use Copper in Your Kitchen:

{All images via my Pinterest board: My Thing for Copper and Brass. Follow the links to the original source}



1. Canisters

All kitchens need a little bit more storage. Why not make it pretty? And copper? I love looking for vintage copper canisters on Etsy.

  10 ways to bring copper into your kitchen via @fieldstonehill - cannisters in kitchen 10 ways to use copper in your kitchen via @fieldstonehill - canisters french

2. Hanging pots

Nothing says ‘European kitchen’ more than hanging copper pots. I love this look. Have a bunch of pots? Hang them in rows. Have just a few? Hang them from a small bar or rack.

 10 ways to use Copper via @fieldstonehill -hanging




3. Pot sitting out on the stove

Ever think about storing one of your pots right on the stovetop? I make a lot of soup, and keeping a pretty pot on the stovetop adds character to my kitchen and it inspires me to get dinner going. In my new kitchen, I will have a copper pot with brass handles sitting on my stovetop.




4. Teapot

Copper teapots are so pretty. And when you have a pretty teapot, you can just leave it out (next to your copper pot) and it will make you smile… and drink more tea.



5. Cups

Mugs for all of your hot drinks. Moscow Mules. Indian drinking cups. Copper mugs are perfectly useful and stunningly gorgeous to display. There are some amazing choices out there, from vintage to modern.




6. Coffee Accessories

Why are coffee accessories so beautiful? and even more so in copper? Make your morning cuppa more glorious with copper.




7. Kitchen Tools

Big labels, stirring spoons, measuring spoons and measuring cups. All of these are such simple, affordable and easy ways to add a splash of copper to your kitchen. Maybe it is time to replace those mismatched (and partly missing) measuring spoons? That is what I will be doing – finally – in our new kitchen. #Livewithbeauty , right!?




8. Stack it up

Copper kitchen goodies look even better when grouped en masse. Together, copper makes a huge visual impact and adds instant bling to your kitchen.




9. Appliances

A copper Kitchenaid, or Vitamix, or Espresso maker. Keep it out on the counter, since it looks so pretty and makes your kitchen look French ;) !  J’adore when practical and beautiful meet.



10 ways to use copper in your kitchen via @fieldstonehill

10. Sink

Want to really add a stunning feature of copper? A copper sink is incomparably beautiful and unique!




{All images via my Pinterest board: My Thing for Copper and Brass. Follow the links to the original source}


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