contrast is king (and why I am crazy for it)
Sunday, September 25, 2016 by {darlene}

Contrast is King

Here is some Sunday morning inspiration for you!

Contrast is a POWERFUL design tool. There are lots of ways you can drum up contrast:

  • contrasting colors (on the color wheel),
  • contrasting black vs. white,
  • contrasting pattern vs. plain,
  • contrasting textures,
  • contrasting sizes, etc.

I have designed my entire kitchen project with a main goal of creating contrast.

I wrote a post that I still love, all about contrast and why I am SO crazy for it. I think, if you love the pics below, you should check it out: Lessons in Design: The Power of Contrasts.

Are you using CONTRAST in your home? If not, I hope these pics will get you thinking about ways you can add strong pops of contrast for a bold effect in your spaces. I encourage you to give it a try.

Here is a collection of my latest/greatest FAVE  “Contrast” inspiration (many of which have directly inspired my evolving Project FHD Kitchen. These spaces are brilliant examples of well-executed contrast in design:

{find these graphics/sources, and more, on my Pinboards: My thing for Contrasts, My thing for bold patternsMy thing for Contrast Piping, Fieldstone Hill Kitchen Renovation, Inspiration BathroomsInspiration Kitchens}

{Pin this graphic:}



contrast is king



















{^^^^ those last two amazing pieces of art can be found here, and the artist can also be found here}

Tell me your thoughts!

Where do you already have contrast in your home?

Where can you add some contrast?










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  • Oh my word, that stack of Hermes boxes. . . don’t they look beautiful on display there? Beauty is everywhere.

    So when do we get to see photos of your high-contrast kitchen??

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