Help! I have boring, beige carpet!
Monday, January 8, 2018 by {darlene}

Do you have beige carpet…. That drives you CRAZY?? Maybe you rent and have no choice. Maybe it is not the right time to upgrade. Maybe your resources are better spent somewhere else. But that beige…. needs…. something….

I have several ideas for you on how to BUST through that design dilemma!

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what goes with beige


So, you have beige carpets. And you wish they weren’t so…. boring. Here is how to make those carpets work for you, like you meant it!

1. Layer with Additional Rugs


beige carpet solutions rug on carpet

(via La Dolce Vita)


Allow beige to fade away by using it as a canvas for fun, colorful, or beautiful rugs. Select different size rugs to achieve different effects on your decor:

  • Toss down small throw rugs, on either side of a bed, for example, to break up the beige and add color and function.
  • Delineate a conversation area using a medium-size rug.
  • Pull the eye to the center of a space with the use of a larger area rug. This solution causes beige carpet to disappear into the background
  • Try layering a faux animal skin rug over your beige carpet, adding the additional sculptural interest of shape!

2. Keep the Rest of the Room Bright


beige carpet solutions keep it bright

(via apartment therapy)

“Ugh, my beige carpet is so DULL!”

When your decor feels dull, a good policy is to simply brighten things up. Use fresh, lively colors, plenty of white, and plenty of good lighting. Here, white walls, colorful pillows, dreamy textures and bold patterns keep this room from feeling dreary. And the window treatments are removed to maximize brightness.

PS Check out these designer recommendations for white paint color, one of the hardest colors to pick out.


3. Be Dramatic


beige carpet solutions bold

(via Domino)

Make the eye forget about the dull side of beige by adding dramatic, bold features to the rest of the space. Dramatic color, dramatic art, and luxe fabrics all draw the eye in and away from the simple beige carpeting.


4. Distract with Display


beige carpet solutions distract with display
(via Veranda)
Distract and draw the eye up!
Add a dramatic display as a focal point in your space. Here, the styled bookshelves, huge mirror, and luxe furnishings add texture, color and vibrancy to all that beige beige beige.
Beige carpeting may be one of your least favorite decor features. But, when you study the ways that designers have purposefully incorporated a beige foundation into their designs and study what goes with them, you will find simple ways to allow the beige to fade into the background.
Do YOU have a beige carpet? Which of these solutions can you see yourself using?










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    I do have boring beige carpets! I didn’t realize you could put a rug on top of that, so wow, mind=blown. I don’t have to live that way?!
    Those are some beautiful rooms, too!

  • Wow! It’s been a long time since you posted about interior designs and I’ve really missed it. Thanks for the info and great pics.

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