It is so nice to meet you here in blogland. My name is Darlene Weir, and I am an interior designer.

If you are interested in getting your dreamy interiors out of your head and into your home… well, that just happens to be my passion. I invite you to stay and read a while.

{about} this blog

The Fieldstone Hill blog is an Interiors and Style Blog featuring design that is both beautiful and functional. Here at Fieldstone Hill, I have a passion for teaching others how to make gorgeous design accessible and realistic for our homes and lifestyles.

Stuff lawyers make sure I chit-chat about:

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{about} Fieldstone Hill Design

Fieldstone Hill Design is an online interior design firm that offers virtual guidance and interior design consultations {for a complete list of services, click here. For my portfolio, click here}. Services range from complete, executable plans to tackling individual design dilemmas. The design consultations are targeted toward your personal style “Loves” and your lifestyle, with the goal of adding beauty and functionality to your space. Darlene Weir is the owner and principal designer.

{about} Darlene Weir

{photo via tphblog.com}

I have always had a passion for beautiful spaces and things, and I love the challenge of creating beautiful rooms that also meet the needs of lifestyle, family, and reality! This blog is where I share my overflowing ideas and passion for interior design, as well as share designing lessons and tips.

You can catch me daydreaming about decorating my home, a circa 180 year old farmhouse we lovingly call Fieldstone Hill. And since, like most of us, I have limited resources of time and money, you can often find me declaring, “You should see what this room looks like in my head!”  So, because my home is very much in process, I understand that my clients and readers homes are too.

I believe that having a vision gives your decorating a focus and saves your family both time and money. There is less to redo, and less mistakes, when you have a plan and when you can identify what you love!  It is a joy to share this vision with others.


{about} our home

Fieldstone Hill is our historic stone farmhouse, circa 1820.  We have been renovating and restoring our home, slowly but surely, ever since we moved in. It is situated on rich soil that is also filled with fieldstone and springs… and our favorite part: Blackberry Creek. Our hope is to preserve the history and integrity of Fieldstone Hill, and honor a home whose thresholds are worn from nearly two centuries of people passing through.


{about} my own style loves

  • farmhouse simplicity mixed in with high-gloss glamour
  • the contrast of cools and warms
  • Sophistication, elegance and order
  • a space that breathes and offers comfort
  • a home that serves the family and others, and not a family that serves their home.
  • gold, silk-velvet, fuchsia, fieldstone, historic architecture, and thick molding

{about} Master Designer

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{about} my family

My family is more important to me than anything else you read on this page. My dream day would involve lying on freshly cut grass, snuggling with my three boys, and watching the clouds roll by.

Aren’t these the most precious guys you ever did see? I left the best for last so I can leave you with lots of photos!

{first headshot and all family photos were taken by Amy Renea of Allenaim Photography}