Blog Advertising is an amazingly affordable way for advertisers to purchase the GOLD MINE of advertising: Trusted Word-Of-Mouth.

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1. An Integrated Sponsor Blog Post:

I occasionally consider accepting complimentary and relevant products for my personal evaluation and review without any payment for the review. I will consider accepting high end decor, home furnishings, outdoor furnishing, flooring/rugs  and appliances. I generally do not accept items that have a value of less than $300. If you have something to offer you know I’d like, please send me an email so that we can begin a discussion!

In exchange for high quality product, I share about your company via an “integrated” post. This means I will write a post that highlights the great qualities of your company, but is also helpful to my readers. I never write a post that does not add value to my readers’ lives, in addition to introducing them to great products. This way, if a specific reader is unable to purchase at that time, the post will still benefit them, and your company name will be shared with them as well! You can see an example of an integrated post here. The post will also be shared via my Social Media avenues, including my largely followed Pinterest account.

In exchange for goods advertised {minimum $300+ }, I will feature your wares in a crafted integrated blog post. “Integrated” means that I will highlight your product in an awesome way, but it WILL NOT sound like a trite advertisement. Readers will benefit and learn something, AND your product will get awesome exposure. I delight in recommending items and products that I actually use. This option is only available upon approval, and I do not accept all advertisers. Whether or not I personally could use the product is a large factor in my decision making process. Even so, don’t hesitate to ask. I love beautiful things!

Other sponsorship opportunities include:

2. A sponsored post:

Your company sponsors one of my regular posts, and receives a mention at the end of my post, with a link to your company, for a cost of $200 per post {this shall not be product compensation}.  The mention will be something similar to this: “This post has been generously sponsored by {company name}.  I love {company name} as one of my favorite places to shop for my daughter’s room. You should check out their gorgeous pillows,” and will include your logo image. The post content that I craft will be unrelated to your products and you will not be mentioned in the actual post content, however I will select a post that will resonate with my readers and generate good page views. Please be aware that I do not accept all advertisers.

3. Place an Ad on FHD:

Advertising Button Options:

I offer advertising segments, three months at a time. Six month options may also be available.
  1. Premier:  a 120 x 120 pixel button that will be prominently featured under “sponsors” in the sidebar of my blog, available for a three month spot  for a cost of $96 total for 3 months of advertising. That is only ~$32/mo. Included: 3 month ad spot, and once during your sponsorship term your link-active button will appear at the bottom of a post, which will go directly into my subscribers inboxes.
Contact me at to advertise on the Fieldstone Hill Design blog.

The Nitty Gritty:

  1. For the most part, I ask that you provide a service or product that is available for purchase to, at least, the entire United States via internet/on-line purchasing. Individual blog advertisers are also accepted.
  2. I ask that buttons are kept tasteful and classy, reflecting the highest quality of your product/services. At this time, flashing buttons will not be accepted. Non-flourescent/non-neon colors are very appreciated!! I also do not prefer red or purple buttons. Please keep in mind the overall feel of Fieldstone Hill.
  3. If you do not have a button, I can design {a lovely} one for you for a cost of $35.00/ you provide graphics.
  4. I reserve the right to deny advertisers for any reason.

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I welcome the opportunity to discuss these options with you to help your business grow!!

To arrange for advertising, sponsorship, or with any additional questions, please contact me at

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Fieldstone Hill attracts new readers, Pinterest followers, Facebook followers, Twitter followers and more each and every day!  Since this is a young blog, it is the perfect place to advertise to a stylish, growing blog-reading audience for an extremely affordable cost. My readers all desire to add beautiful products into their lives!  I hope you will come aboard as a premier and savvy Sponsor.