The Skype In-Home Consultation

For the client who needs overall design advice and wants to run several design questions past a designer:

The Skype In-Home Consultation

{$350 per 2 hour session, includes Pinterest communication}

skype consultation

The Skype Consultation is an online “in-home” consultation:

  • The Skype Consultation is an ideal way to “walk” through your home with an interior designer. In a 2 hour time frame, using your laptop or other portable device with Skype capabilities, you will walk me through your space, express your design concerns and challenges, and ask me questions about your space.
  • I will share with you my ideas for your space, as well as what direction I would take the room{s}. I will offer practical solutions and beautiful solutions to your home’s challenges. You can choose to really dissect one room in your home in detail, or have a general consultation that covers the majority of your home. This Consult will give us the opportunity to discuss, back and forth, your ideas and obstacles. 
  • The Skype Consultation includes 1-2 follow up emails from me regarding the items discussed during the consultation.
  • The Skype Consultation will be scheduled by appointment, and you will need to have laptop or portable-device capacity {so that you can take me around your home}, as well as Skype capabilities.

The Skype In-Home Consultation does not include:

  • This consultation does not include any product resourcing or any design boards.
  • This is a verbal consultation only. Email communication will be for making the scheduled appointment and for the 1-2 follow up emails, if needed.

System Requirements:

  • In order to purchase this consultation you must have Skype capabilities on your device, and that device must be portable so that you can show me around your home.


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What I need from you

For the Skype “In -Home” Consultation, there are several things that you can get to me beforehand; MY REVIEW OF THIS INFORMATION IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE CONSULT AND these will help you get the most out of your Consult:

1. Send me photos of the spaces: This helps me brainstorm about your space ahead of time and I will be able to come to you with more ideas.

2. Create a Pinterest Board specifically for your space or spaces, separate them by room, then add pins of things you love. Send me the link to your board{s}:  Again, this helps me brainstorm, but more importantly, it helps me {and you!} to identify your style “loves.” You will receive a more informed consultation, with advice that is more relevant to your style.

 3. Identify your Style Words and your “Don’t Buy” Word, and let me know what they are. See these posts: and
4. Be prepared to take notes during the consultation.
5. Know your wishes,needs, and dislikes, as well as your other family members’ wishes, needs and dislikes. Email me your thoughts and be ready to communicate them with me during the consultation.

****Please send any relevant information to me, in one email to {} at least one day prior to our Consultation appointment. I will have more time to review the information the earlier you get it to me. Thank you!****


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The Nitty Gritty:

 Terms of Service {Please read before purchasing}:

  • Due to the nature of Design Services, all Design Services are non-refundable.  I will strive to do my very best to direct you toward design that you will love, and I encourage you to provide me with as many photographs {that exhibit your personal style} as possible.
  • Skype consultations are available for clients around the world who speak English and have Skype capabilities. Please contact me with questions.
  • Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions {}.
  • IN THE EVENT OF TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: We may have to reschedule our appointment. I will make every effort to schedule another appointment as soon as possible.

*Service Timing:

1. Once payment is received, we will connect by email to either schedule an appointment or to add your name to the Waitlist on my Design Service Page. Please refer to my Design Page for wait time on Skype Consultations. {I do not take more than 1 Skype Consultation per week.}

2. Once payment is received, I will send you my Skype name so that we can connect. Please make note of your Skype name so that you can share it with me.

3. Once an appointment has been scheduled, please send me any desired photos and inspiration pictures {see “What I need from you,” above}  as soon as you can, prior to our Skype appointment. These images are not required, and our consultation will go on as scheduled whether or not you send them.

4. If we experience technical difficulties, we may have to reschedule our appointment. I will make every effort to schedule another appointment as soon as possible.

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