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“I contacted Darlene for some much needed help in decorating a guest room in my home.  I wanted to make sure I did not make any mistakes and waste money as I had in the past–and then live with the results for a long time.   And I really wanted to love the room I was spending all this time fixing up.  Well I do love my room and everything worked out far better than I had ever hoped!
I have a traditional style in my rooms and hadn’t really updated much in many years.   I thought I would try to find a more modern and fresh look for some areas that needed redecorating.  I am just so happy that I was lucky enough to find Darlene and be able to work with her on my home.  I immediately felt very comfortable during our initial emails and was able to communicate what I hoped to achieve and also what I was clueless about in the decorating process.   I’ve always felt Darlene really cared about me and my project and that has not changed many months down the road.
I received help with the paint color, the bedding, and the furniture choices including which existing pieces to keep and what to let go if possible. Also with the lighting, accessories, rugs and window treatments!   I love that an actual measured to scale floor plan was included in my design package because I think this is the only room in my house that now has properly positioned and scaled furniture.  We worked on finding the right rug for the space in terms of style and price and that was so helpful.  In fact Darlene helped in every way to find things that fit my budget while still being beautiful, of high quality and work so well in the room.  I also love that the vision board can be used to do the room immediately or to guide over time in choosing or making similar pieces for the room.
Most of all I appreciate Darlene’s talent, patience and time and the fun that I had during the process  I enjoyed and am very grateful to have worked with her on this project.   We are now in the process of my third room at this time and everything is just as fun and productive as ever, even more so.” – D.C.

Consultation Testimonials  {Skype Consult}:

“Darlene made me love my living room after years of it being my least favorite, but most used, room in the house. Her ‘eye’ and know-how made the space work harder and more beautifully for my family. She had creative ways to solve design dilemmas, especially the ones that come with having small children. I was most impressed at how she did this all while adding style, comfort, and utility to the space.  As an avid DIYer I was reluctant to hire someone for help, and feared the stereotype that designers usually baulk at budgets and do what they want aesthetically. Darlene did no such thing! She taught me how to capture and express my own personal style and her extensive pre-consult paperwork had me refine my vision in a way I wasn’t able to do (though desperately attempted via blogs and Pinterest). Once seeing my space she set to work repurposing what I had and sharing key tips to spend my budget with the most impact. I learned so much in such a short time and her encouragement to fearlessly live with what I love has spilled into the rest of my home! Thanks Darlene!” – L.L
“Your consultation service was more than I expected. Thanks for providing an inexpensive avenue for acquiring quick design advice. The whole process moved along at a steady pace and I loved the email dialogue that developed as we sorted through my design issues. By the end of the consultation I had the solutions and answers I needed to tackle my room. You truly provided me with custom design advice. Many thanks for your thoughts, advice, troubleshooting, and inspiration photos. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs some professional design advice… I think this model is ideal for busy individuals who are willing to put some effort into the design process while still being led by a professional. Many thanks.” – E.D.
“We bought our 1939 home two years ago, and for two years it remained mostly empty and completely undecorated. I lost three close family members in the year following our move. Sorting through the grief was more important than putting a house together. I was completely paralyzed and indifferent about decorating, but eventually I knew I needed to start having people over and get our spaces ready to use for more purposes. Rather than trusting my own likes (too much Pottery Barn!), I knew I wanted Darlene to help me with ideas for some of my most used spaces. We worked on a living area, dining area, and a family room.

 First, I took lots of photos of each room at different angles. I explained what I liked and what I wanted to change. This sofa stayed, that paint had to go, etc. She asked me to put together Pinterest boards that showed my likes. Then, Darlene made comments on my pins and sent me some boards to look at. This was so helpful!
 On the day of the consult, we connected on Skype and I used my laptop to show Darlene around my rooms. We discussed everything–types of lighting, brands of rugs, fabrics, paint colors and brands, and resource websites. She even sent websites and ideas to look at on the computer while we were talking!
 After the consult, I was reeling with excitement! I was so inspired and encouraged to keep moving forward with decorating. The most important things I gained from our time together was confidence and direction. Now, I have newly painted walls, trim, and doors, installed can lights, changed light fixtures, and ordered furniture! I was even able to pick out fabric for new drapes. A fresh set of eyes was what I really needed to get the decorating party started! Can’t wait to work with Darlene on my master bedroom and bathroom!””
“Working with Darlene on the consultation for my studio apartment was an absolute blast! The consultation gave me so much bang for my buck. For a really great price, I got personalized advice and ideas from Darlene about all sorts of different things in my apartment, from wall decorations, to storage ideas, to furniture advice and a lot more. She answered all of my questions, asked questions of her own, offered lots of ideas and advice, and sent me tons of links with ideas for my apartment. Darlene is such a nice and fabulous person to work with. She’s super sweet and answered all of my e-mails very promptly! She offered up so many great ideas that I could implement immediately and also things to think about for the future. She just also gets you thinking about your space in a different way, by bringing in a fresh perspective. She suggested that I move the placement of a certain piece of furniture in my place and it made a gigantic difference-that piece of advice alone was worth the price! It’s just great to get a different viewpoint, especially from someone with as much talent and good taste as Darlene. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to spruce up their space, get some new ideas, and work with a lovely person with a wonderful eye for design.” -J.C.

General Design Testimonials:

“I am a regular reader on Darlene’s blog and I have hired her to help me decorate our dining room and great room. She is AMAZE-ing and so talented with the best heart. Reading her blog has given me so much more confidence in how I decorate and she encourages her readers to go outside their comfort zones, as long as it fits who they are. That’s what I appreciate the most–she wants her clients and readers to discover who they are in their own homes, not to match the trends, what everyone else is doing, or live outside their budgets. That approach has put a whole new spin on finding one’s bliss at home.” – C.J